How to access terminal using uroni/urbackup docker image


I am using uroni/urbackup docker image on an UNRAID machine and on a QNAP NAS. In both cases I am not able to get access to the console. For one of the machines I want to reset the password. However, I am not able to execute start_urbackup_server --reset_pw.
Any idea how to activate the console? Or a different way to reset the password?


You say you are using a docker image. I too use a docker image but I use Portainer with the ‘.yaml’ file to invoke. I am not very familiar with Docker CLI - because Portainer is easier for newbies. However, I believe that, having obtained the Docker container ID (I think via “docker ps”) one can then attach to the root console of the container via some other docker command that has the container ID as one of the arguments?
My OS is Debian Linux based OMV6. But, I feel pretty certain that one can issue CLI commands for Docker in Windows - if that is your OS.
Good Luck

Good hint, will try to connect via docker command. Besides, I am also using Portainer on one machine. However, also this way does not work to open a console.