How to access (and enable) the client webinterface

Actually I don’t need to use the web interface for the client because I like the idea to have one (server) interface for all the servers I manage.
But I like to try it and actually it didn’t work. I tried to access the client web interface with or both can’t connect.

Without the port number I can access the default website on that server and yes I opened to the firewall for that port. Does the client interface support my web server configuration? I’m using Apache with Ngynx as a reverse proxy (using ServerPilot) or is there some setting I need to enable first?

The client does not have a web interface, only the server does. I do not believe that’s even an option. Did you read about that in the Admin guide?

Right there is no web interface for the client. At the moment that I placed that question it wasn’t clear how to restore files from web-based server interface.