How long to upgrade Database

I have installed the new 2.0.30 upgrade onto the server and it is now stuck at the screen with the following:

UrBackup is upgrading its internal database. This may take a while. The server is inaccessible and will not do any backups during this upgrade.
Current version: 35
Target version: 47

Any idea how long this will take? Its been going for about 3 hours. CPU usage on the system seems low as well so not sure if it has hung or not. The backup_serverdb file in the urbackup directory is 3.8GB and urbackup_srv.exe is taking up 494mb of RAM.


See my response here:

Thanks for that. After just more than 24 hours it is now on 88%.
Its not the fastest machine in the world (Quad Core i5, 8GB RAM) but this is taking a lot longer than expected!

Do you know if it will do this again when we move to versions within 2.X in the future?

Absolutely no clue :slight_smile: I guess it’ll all depend on if they change something in the DB or the way something is handled that will require parsing and updating the DB…