How do I update URBackup on an Open Media Vault server?

I’m getting a message in the web interface for UR Backup on my Openmedia vauylt 4 server:

There is a new version of UrBackup server available (2.4.10). Download it here.

I check in updates and there’s nothing, and I check what OMV reports as being installed, and that says version 3.1 . Do I have the latest version or no? If not, how do I upgrade what I have?


I use OMV and Urbackup
If you want upgrade, urbackup you must install it manually
The plugin omv is not up to date

whith de .deb
download last version et install .deb
The server version will be automatically upgrade

Thanks for the response. And if I have no idea what any of that means (not in ANY way a Linux guy), I suppose I should just leave it be?

What is your architecture
X86_64 ?

You download the good deb files.
I think it is UrBackup Server 2.4.11 Debian/Ubuntu stretch(with backports)+/19.04+ amd64

and install it on you system whith ssh
dpkg -i urbackup-server_2.4.11_amd64.deb

Thank you so much for following up, and all the details!

Of course last night I got notice in the OMV updates that there was an update for URBackup! I installed that and now I’m at 2.4.11 .

In any event, I’m good to go at this point. Thanks again for your help!

Good news if omv follow urbackup versions often