How do I stop a backup?

Is there no way to stop a backup job after it is started? I can’t find a way to do it. The client can pause the backup, but I started one that is a mistake. How do I stop it?

In the GUI in the view Activities you can stop a running backup.

I have a similar issue. I started a full file backup but selected incorrect items so it decided to back up the whole of the drive. Clicking on stop does stop the backup but when you try another full file backup with different settings it just resumes the previous backup which was stopped.

I’ve the same issue as @ashbeale described.

I can click in the GUI on STOP but the job wont stop. Is there an other option to stop a running backup?

I use the latest, stable urbackup server available for me UrBackup 2.4.12

Hi zzeroo.
I have just killed a backup job by restarting the service on the client.

Rgds, Ash.