How do I back up my QNAP to my offsite urbackup server?


Hi Everyone,

I have a client that has QNAP, currently I use Hybrid Backup Sync to back up to Googles servers, I would like to take over this and have it backing up to my urbackup, is there a way to use Hybrid Backup Sync? Is it using the WebDAV function?




Hi, i use the linuxstation on the qnap. i installed the ubuntu 1604 parallel to the qnap.
on the ubuntu i installed the urbackup client.
adding the filesystems, they also available in the parallel system.
in my case, they are under /share2.
That works pretty fine for me.


oh sorry, you will backup the data from the google cloud to the local urbackup server. am i right?


i didnt find any solution for this


Hi Stevo,

I will try this out at some stage, I was hoping to use something that was built into the QNAP already, it has its own cloud backup app, which you can choose who you want to choose as your backup provider, one of the options is WebDAV, which I thought could work… but maybe ill just have to do it the manual way!