How can to restore removed client?

Hi All,

I had one client who stopped working. The logs had errors like “Can’t construct file list”. I removed Urbackup client, then I removed user from Urbackup server web interface.
I wanted add removed client to Urbackup server. I installed Urbackup client (Win8 x32), but it doesn’t connect to server. Debug logs don’t have any errors (I saw only ping pong). Firewall turned off. I use Urbackup server on Centos ver 1.4.12 and windows client ver 1.4.11. I tried to add “additional client” in admin web interface, but it didn’t affect. What I did wrong?


Full log messages may be interesting to fix the problem causing this.

It might just have needed a grace period to rediscover the client. You can expedite the process by restarting the server.

Sorry for delay. Fortunately, it seems issue as solved. I don’t know how it done.
I think this log doesn’t have info about my problem, but may be it will helpful. (Log file from debug mode)

I upgraded server to latest and install old version of client (it was upgraded automatically later). After this I added client as “additional clients” in UrBackup server web interface.
Now it works.

Is there a way to move the client from the “aditional clients” to “permanent”?

Thank you for reply

If I am reading that right, you may have lost the server_idents.txt file on the clients that no longer connect to your server “permanently.” If I am correct, what I did to fix it was going to this directory on a machine that is working as it should:

C:\Program Files\UrBackup

There should be a server_idents.txt file located there. Copy that file from the computer is a “permanent” client, to one that is an additional one (same directory) and over-write the server_idents.txt file. This helped me a lot when some of my clients began to “reject the server.” May or may not be a permanent fix (my clients are still “permanent” last I checked), but it is quick and painless - if it is what I think it is.

Would recommend removing the client from the “additional clients” list before doing this.

How about solution for linux clients