How can I prevent these common failures?


I’m testing out URBackup (2.0.33) on my laptop (Mac to Linux server). The plan is to eventually be able to backup ~100 clients.

2 issues:

  • I wanted to have a ‘generic’ “Default backup list”, however if even one of the directories specified in there does not exist, the backup fails. That is a major issue if you’re trying to scale, because even though the directory may not exist on every computer, it should still backup the rest of the list. Otherwise you’ll have to manage a list on every computer, which is a pain in the neck. Error: Cannot access path to backup: “” Errorcode: 2 - No such file or directory. It’s also a pain because Mac, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux all have their user directories in different locations (it’s in C:\Users since Win7, it’s been C:\Documents and Settings until XP, /home for most Unix and /Users on OS X)
    – Found the issue, there is an undocumented way of making things optional

  • The second issue is a really big issue and if this can’t be solved would make UrBackup unusable for most if not all settings: If the connection between the server and the client is considered “lost” (the system goes to sleep, the network gets interrupted), the backup fails. This is the error: Constructing of filelist of “” failed - TIMEOUT(1). As long as the connection remains established, things seem to work. But I have to backup 300GB through a 1Mbps line, there is no way this is possible if everything breaks the second the connection is interrupted. The system should be able to pause/resume a backup on it’s own.
    – Found the issue, the program REALLY likes to have a backup disk all on it’s own. I exported a single 10TB iSCSI volume and everything works (almost) perfectly now.

I’m pretty sure first issue is documented in administration manual.

I keep running into this TIMEOUT(1) problem these past weeks with one machine, can’t really figure out what’s the problem (no network issues I am aware of) and I have to restart the service one in a while because of it.
And I could have sworn that second issue was a non-issue, as in manual stated that connections are saved locally and then pushed but I can’t find it, so maybe I’m just imagining things. Maybe @uroni can chime in.