How can i install 200 clients in one shot with successful backup?


How can i install 200 clients in one shot with successful backup???

Well, you can attempt to do this, but you better have the file storage or servers to do so.

UrBackup has a MSI-installer for Windows to push out to several servers, which you can do through Active Directory Group Policy; otherwise you’ll be pushing them out individually to each server.

Even still, you can run the risk of clients not properly connecting, which may require you to do some configuration changes on each client until they update and connect to the server.

Afterwards, you will need to configure each client to have a backup schedule, either by setting a global policy or creating groups for them to reside in.

In short:

There is no “one-shot” installation with this product, at least when compared to a product like Quest or VEEAM – which has the ability to install directly onto the box from the server (at least on Windows clients).
200 clients with 200 successful backups on the first attempt is any backup solutions dream, but you’re going to run into some kind of issue no matter what you do or where you go for the product.
After about two months we finally got our backup service going through with Barracuda perfectly, with some issues still prevalent regarding shadow copies.

Any real reason why you need it to be 200 machines, are you backing up more than just your core servers?