How can I disable a urbackup agent from connecting to two servers at the same time?

How can I disable a urbackup agent from connecting to two servers at the same time? I have two Servers on the same network and each server has its own clients. Since I update one of the servers the other when I create a new custom agent, in the most updated one, it appears the next day in the oldest one.

Thank you so much

It’s not the backup you’re concerned about, but just the connection to the other server (and getting an updated agent?)

You might have to restrict access at the network level.

What OS and software versions are involved here?

You can prevent a server from doing auto-update, but it will do that for all systems, and not just specific systems.

Custom agent is made; agent version 2.4.11 (Windows).
The version of the server that is being done is 2.4.13
And the other server is 2.2.11.

How did you install the servers? Normally UrBackup has a separate identity key for each server, and a client will only talk to servers that match the key(s) in their server_idents.txt file. Only if you copied the server key from one server to another so they both have the same key, or added both server keys to the client file, will the client talk to both servers.

There can be a notification prompt at the client when it sees another server on the network, but if the user is trained not to approve a different backup server then the client will keep using the specific server it first associated with. This prompt only happens once, and defaults to no change.

You can edit or replace the server_idents.txt file to only show the correct server for that client. On Windows it normally lives in C:\Program Files\UrBackup on the client computer.