How, and where, do you create UrBackup "virtual clients"?

The Administration Manual mentions “virtual clients”, but doesn’t give enough detail for me to figure out where you create these. I tried using the -v option to “urbackupclientctl add-backupdir” on the client end, but that didn’t appear to do anything.

Another issue I have, is I can’t figure out where to define include or exclude settings on the client end. Is there a way to define include/exclude on a PER-BACKUP-PATH basis or even a PER-VIRTUAL-CLIENT basis? On the server website, there is a place to set include/exclude, but apparently this affects every backup path on the client. I’m not sure if it affects every VIRTUAL client on the main client, because I have not been able to create one of those yet.

Is there any documentation on detailed client setup anywhere?

Thanks in advance!

I have not worked with virtual clients, but the place to define them should be here:
in the GUI of the server go to settings; there is a drop down menue which is labeled “clients”; click on it and select the client you want to work with; you get a new view which is labeld “Client xxx”, below this select “Client”; on the bottom you find “Virtual sub client names”
probably you have to select “Separate settings for this client” before you are able to add virtual sub client names

option 6th to 8th for V client