Hosting VPS with HDD

I am looking for a VPS that has adequate web space available to use it with UrBackup and backups of the various clients in the cloud.
I’m not looking for a VPS to add external volumes to because of the price, but a VPS solution with large HDDs
Do you have any links to pass?

VPS, no (I can only think of volumes not suited for archiving). The big cloud providers have hdd volumes, I think. E.g. AWS with its sc1 at $0.025/GB/month . If you use a dedicated server like with disks in a RAID6 you get storage at 0.00246€/GB/month if I calculated that correctly.

Or one can use the appliance at in combination with e.g. the S3 providers there. S3 has higher durability at the same price as the sc1 volume above.

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Thanks uroni for the valuable feedback
I have a question:
Buying external storage like Hetzner’s S3 or StorageBox, how do I connect it to urback instance
What should I put in the server backup path

W.r.t. S3 I’d try s3backer. No idea how well that works, though.

W.r.t. StorageBox, I’d mount it via cifs (with hard mount option) then fallocate a large file on it, loop-back mount that and then put btrfs on it and use that with zstd compression and UrBackup in btrfs mode. Bonus add a local (NVMe, write-through) cache using bcache or dm-cache.

Step-by-step instructions would be too much work. Perhaps someone else can write those down.

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I’ve tried riofs/s3fs with UrBackup and it didn’t work out too well. Doing it through riofs, caused tons of metadata/hash errors to be thrown, and backup jobs would always end on an infinite loop ( never complete ). s3fs was too slow so I was never able to complete a backup successfully. You’d more than likely need to develop a bridge which can either move file synchronously or on a schedule from local to S3 storage - following and working around S3’s conventions and limitations.

I do recommend using infscape. We’ve just started using the appliance and it does quite a good job of doing what I described above.

thank you for your feedback