Home backup setup

So i have just started using urbackup. I have a windows 2016 server at home running the server side and i want to back up my computers in my house. I only want to back up files in specific folders as i am not worried about full image back ups. I only really need 1 backup kept for each client. I would like backups done at minimum every 7 days but i also need to keep the space to as low as possible. I was using wester digitals smartware which would do live backups as files were changed onto the old mycloud nas but that died. I am looking to replace this if possible but at minimum have 1 back up of each computers specific files done a week. How can i accomplish this? I set the file backup but it keeps doing back ups every day. Thanks!

Have you looked at the settings? You should be able to configure anything you want.
On the client, right-click on the tray icon, and select settings.
Add the files you want to backup to the include" "section separated by semicolons.

Yes the problem is the settings are not matching the behavior. I have it set to do a full back up every 6 days. I have max and min number of full back ups set to 1. I decided not to do the incremental. The problem is my full back up went complete yesterday and today it started another full back up. No idea…

Are you changing settings on the Client or in the Web UI ?
Client settings override Web UI settings.
Also, with only one backup, you are at risk of failure while backup is running and not have a backup to recover from.
Thinking farther, the min/max set to 1 may be your problem.
Sounds like you have a race condition.
From what I’ve seen a new client gets full run right away.
With max set to 1, I think the cleanup job at night sees it at max and deletes it.
Then next day, it sees you are below min, so runs a full.
Don’t hold me to that, just a guess, but I suspect that is what is happening.
I think you need to set min 1 max 2 at least.

Can you post

I see. I will try to do a smaller job versus my main system to with a min 1 max 2. I just really do not need more than 2 copies as i make a copy for offline once a month from the backups.

UrBackup is very space efficient. It is much better to give it a budget for the amount of storage to use (global soft quota) and let it keep up-to-date copies of your files with frequent incremental backups than to try to schedule your disaster for just after your latest backup.

When space is short, UrBackup deletes old backups to free space as long as it keeps at least the specified Minimum of each type. If there is plenty of space, UrBackup will delete old backups to avoid exceeding the set Maximum number. In either case, UrBackup keeps only one copy of (each version of) the actual file data and merely links to it for each backup session, which thus becomes a list of files.

The way UrBackup works confuses most operating system displays of space used as well. Rely on the Statistics tab and the total free space remaining on the drive to tell you how you are doing.