HELP! Test email working but not reports not sending

Need a little help here. I’ve successfully tested email settings and everything is going through fine during the test. For some reason though reports are not being sent. Any suggestions?

Could it be spam filters in place with your email supplier?

The test messages get to our mail filter but the reports are not making it.


Copying from the other thread:

Could you tell us the operating system the server runs on?
Also, could you have look at the server log file to see if it logs any warnings wrt the mails?
I guess this was a fresh installation of 2.0.x and no upgrade?

Hi @mnstech

After you set the email address and test that is properly working yo have to go to the Menu “Logs” in the “Top Bar”, then where it says “Reports” set the user or users you want to receive the notifications and the kind of notifications and the log level.
I hope it helps.

If I may up this a little…

I have exactly the same issue here. I dont think Logs/Reports’s parameters are important becouse it was working before.

I think it has to do with the alert script that i tried to change for a custom one but ever since, no email is sent after a backup. I switched back to default but it’s still not working.

I’ve got a “No recent file backup” alert tough…

It’s really strange to me.

Thank you.

edit: It’s working with the Logs/Reports’s mail address. But not with the email specified in the client’s Alert parameters.

Ok i think i got this :slight_smile:

  • The Reports email is sent on each backup to the address specified in the Logs -> Repports menu.
  • The Alert email is sent if anything goes wrong to the address specified in the Alert menu of the server, group or client’s parameters.

So this is not a bug, this is a feature (or lack of feature).
Hope it’ll help someone to get it.