[Help] Setting up server on raspberry pi

I followed the instructions on the downloads page about installing the server on raspberry pi. I was using a lite version of raspbian, and i just downloaded it. It prompted me for the backup folder, but the web server for settings is unreachable, and my PC will not detect the server.
I’m new to linux, so any help is appreciated

Which RPi do you have and which deb file did you download?

deb file should be this one: UrBackup Server 2.2.11 Debian/Ubuntu jessie+/14.10+ armhf (rpi2+)

How did you try to connect? Should be IP.of.your.server:55414

Yeah i did use that deb file, and i’m using localip:55414
Edit: I also have the Pi B+ with the latest version of raspbian installed

I am not using RPI, but this could be the problem. As far as I understand the Pi B+ will not work, but you need at least an RPi2.

In case this is true and you want to go for a newer RPi I suggest you to have a look also at other single board computer (SBC) like Hardkernel/Odroid, Rock64, Friendlyarm