Help in Excluded and Included Files


I’m having trouble in setting the Excluded and Included Files, I tried putting in the following statements
Please see Attached file

After running a full backup, the excluded and included files is not working, all files and folders were still included in the backup

Thanks in advance :smile:

Can you check if the settings correctly propagated to the client by looking at the settings via the tray icon? (Probably not)

Which versions are you using?

Do you have “Allow client-side changing of settings” checked or unchecked for the client?

Is this a client specific setting or a global setting?

Hi uroni,

Thanks for your reply I’m using UrBackup client for windows 1.4.2
I didn’t allow the client side to change the settings.
It’s in global settings

Ok, thanks for the info. It is a bug. Will be fixed with the next version.