Heavy load on big files - can incremental do block-level?

Hi Martin,

We have a network with large files (big 10 Go outlook.pst) wich make heavy loads on the urbackup server (ubuntu lucid 32 bits).
Actually we use “rsync + shadow copy” to solve this heavy load problem, but we 'd rather use urbackup for that.

–> incrmental does’nt help big file update, so my question is : is it possible to make the incremental download based on block-level process ?

When using the internet mode it already does this. I need to expose a settings that allows administrators to switch the LAN file transfer mode to the block-patches one. I already planned on doing this. Now that somebody has a use for it i’ll speed up this process.

You should also take a look at the btrfs-mode http://www.urbackup.org/Administration_Manual.php#x1-570009.5.2 Incremental backups save only block differences there and it already works. (Needs a ultra-recent kernel though).