Have backups from old machine I would like to restore from

I have a server that the os went bad yet I still have backups from the previous install on a 132 terabyte drive. all of the new images are stored on this drive and I would like to use some of the old ones that are still on their is there a way to do that?

@walkman i’m not a developer for UrBackup but i assume you should be able to retrieve backups done by a previous installation.

Have you tried installing UrBackup server on the new hardware and pointing the “Backups folder” to the drive that has the old backup files?

My understanding is that the backup files are unencrypted. So the new installation of UrBackup should be able to access them.

Give it a try and let us know. I’m curious to hear your findings as I’m trying to redeploy UrBackup myself on a different hardware.

The new OS is on the same server that the backups are on yet it didn’t pick them up. Not sure if I need URbackup to do a scan of some sort for that to happen or what.the drive that the old backups are on is the new servers default drive for the new UrBackup

hmmmmm. Sounds like a permission problem to me.
Try this:

  1. Verify that you can browse the content of those drives and you can see the old backup files yourself.
  2. find out the user:group that owns those files. a simple ls -la inside that folder can tell you this.
  3. find out which user is currently running the UrBackup software. You may use the command top to find this out.

My gut feeling tells me that your old backup files are owned by the user “root” but your new UrBackup instance is running as the user “urbackup”.

If that is the case, either run Urbackup as root (to match the permissions of your backup files) or, change the permissions of the bakcup files so they are owned by the user currently running the UrBackup server.

Again, not a developer of UrBackup, I’m just trying to help since it seems nobody else is in this forum.

Is the current database aware of the old backups? If not, you may have to reference the old backup database in order to access them. Of course, any current backups will not be available since they’re not in the old database. Don’t use the defrag-database or remove-unknown commands at this time, as they will purge out the backups they find that the database doesn’t know.

The old data I can see and I can copy stuff from them I just need to expand the vhdz yet havent figured out how to mount them. tryng to see which were made from which user right now


I cant get to them from the restore program of URBackup and there is no search function to search the backup folder if there was I would be able to restore from these older backups. I have looked and they are all made from the same user yet they cannot be seen by the restore program. Is there a different program to restore that has a search function or a way to go in and see the old backups that you know about?


are you running UrBackup as root?

No as admin from our network.


Ok, then make sure the backup files are owned by the same “admin” user currently running UrBackup and see if you can access your old backups by doing that.

If that doesn’t work, then i believe you need to copy the old database and settings to make these backups accessible from the new UrBackup installation. My understanding is that these settings/database are located at /var/urbackup.

Do you happen to have access to that folder of your old installation?

Ragametal, I have a windows install of URBackup and I currently use the same folder to store the backups as I did before, I wonder if there is a way to put the info in the database for the old backups so that it can see them.


I’m only familiar with UrBackup on linux installations but my guessing is you will not be able to access your old backup files if you don’t also have the database for those files.

I don’t know the folder path of where this database resides in a windows environment.