Has anyone gotten 1.5 server to compile from source?

Trying to compile on CentOS 7 but running into issues seemingly with the code itself.

I ran ./configure successfully, but on make I started getting build errors.

First, it complained in fsimageplugin/cowfile.cpp that FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE wasn’t a thing, so I added an #include <linux/falloc.h> to fsimageplugin/cowfile.h and it seemed happy. Then it stopped in urbackupserver/dllmain.cpp with an error about apps/check_files_index.h didn’t exist to include, which it didn’t, but after looking at apps/check_files_index.cpp and seeing that it was only the one function (int check_files_index():wink: I created the header file for it with the appropriate declaration and it continued on.

Now it’s getting hung up in urbackupserver/ClientMain.cpp. First it said server_continuous.h doesn’t exist (in the includes). I could find no record of that file and removed the include hoping that maybe it had been renamed ContinuousBackup.h (which does exist), and that those references would work. However, when I try to compile now it gives several errors about the BackupServerContinuous class (e.g. invalid use of incomplete type, or forward declaration of).

I can’t seem to get past this point. :frowning: