Hardlinks failing on long paths, NTFS on server

Running current (1.2.3) server on Windows Server 2003, NTFS file system (software RAID-5, if that matters).

Incremental file backup appears to (partially) fail when doing incremental file backups of files sitting in long paths.

I get reports such as…
2013-08-26 18:11:46(warning): Creating hardlink from “e:\Backups\ZEISSFORUM\130825-1023\Forum26\FORUM\server\domains\archive\applications\j2ee-modules\lehel-clientInstaller\updates\vlc-mac\VLC.app\Contents\Resources\English.lproj\InfoPlist.strings” to “e:\Backups\ZEISSFORUM\130826-1804\Forum26\FORUM\server\domains\archive\applications\j2ee-modules\lehel-clientInstaller\updates\vlc-mac\VLC.app\Contents\Resources\English.lproj\InfoPlist.strings” failed. Loading file…

All of the paths are under 200 characters, and I’d assume this wouldn’t be a problem given they’re well under the 255-character limit - and though I’d love to be able to exclude these files, they’re quite critical to what’s being backed up.

I’m assuming by what’s written in the log entry that because it’s failing to create a hardlink, it’s actually making an extra copy of the offending file - which is acceptable because at least there’s an accessible backup, but that’s not going to be very good in the long term with regard to storage space used.

The log file on the server is now over 58Mb in size and the installation’s only been running for a couple of weeks.

Is there something I’ve overlooked in the settings? Is there a path length limit imposed by UrBackup?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

I checked and it is working around the path length limitation when linking. The path doesn’t seem to be above the 255 character limitation anyways.

It could also be the hard link count limitation (it’s quite low with NTFS: Max 1023 hard links). You could check that with the linkcount command line tool: https://sourceforge.net/projects/urbackup/files/Misc/Server%20tools/ on e.g. e:\Backups\ZEISSFORUM\130825-1023\Forum26\FORUM\server\domains\archive\applications\j2ee-modules\lehel-clientInstaller\updates\vlc-mac\VLC.app\Contents\Resources\English.lproj\InfoPlist.strings .