Group backup on Linux


I’ve a problem. I’m setting two backup groups on Linux client.


/etc etc 1 follow_symlinks,symlinks_optional,share_hashes
/scripts scripts 0 follow_symlinks,symlinks_optional,share_hashes

ETC is in group 1 and SCRIPTS is in group 0.

Now, I cann’t run backups under group 1. If I set a backup from server only group 0 (/scripts) is done.

Looking at log doesn’t exist any reference to “etc”:

15/03/17 13:06 - Starting unscheduled incremental file backup…
15/03/17 13:06 - Backing up “scripts” without snapshot.
15/03/17 13:06 - Indexing of “scripts” done. 1 filesystem lookups 0 db lookups and 0 db updates

Any advice? Thanks.

You create the group in Web Manager?

If yes, you can alocate a default folder to backup, would you like.

The file group is only used internally. You should use virtual clients for accomplishing what you want.