Getting clients quotas from database?

Hi there,

I’m tring to hack the server to get an alert when a client quota is overrun.
I didn’t find any way to do that with the server. If there is one, please let me know.
I’m looking into the file “backup_server.db” without any luck…
Can someone tell me where the quotas are stored ?

Thanks much.

“soft client quota” and “Client setting”–>"client---->soft client quota

Thanks but i want to get the value from the database…
My third software cant open the ui to get this value.
I’ll check into the source code but it’s a lot of work…

Maybe i wasn’t clear enough…
I just needa know where are stored the clients quotas.

You can check the backup_server_settings.db database , the table is ‘settings’, the key is ‘client_quota’, the ‘clientid’ can be matched up from backup_server.db

Ok !!!

Thank you so much steven i didn’t check that db…

Hope that’ll help other programmers :wink:

Thanks again cu !