Function request or a bug?

Hi. Its pretty important thing for me. I have globally disabled “Image backup” (Settings->Server->Do not do image backups), because i don’t need it in my environment. When I’m choosing “Separate settings for this client”, the Image backup is still disabled even without “Disable image backups” checked. I have 2 clients where image backup is a must. I know i can enable those backups globally but then i would have to disable them for every one of other client (i have over 100 now). Is this a bug? Please help me with that.

If all the clients are using the default configuration from the server you can uncheck “Do not do image backups” and enter a negative incremental and full image backup interval. This disables the image backups.
Then you can go the specific clients and select “Separate settings for this client” and enter a positive interval.

Hi i did what you wrote, but backup server still forces clients to do “First full Image backup”. I don’t have space or time for this. With Full and incremental File backups all of my backup window is taken. Please is there another way? Or maybe there is simple way to implement “Enable Image backup” check box for chosen clients (with globally disabled Image backups)?

Which version are you using? The hack with the negative interval may only be present in 1.2. It’s available here: