Full image hard drive creation

I have used urbackup with success before. Yesterday, I took an image from a pc, now, I want to restore the image onto a seperate hard drive so that i can have a physical drive that I can just plug in if needed. Is there a way that i can do that? Or, should I just try it and see?

In other words, we like to have hot spare hdd’s, is there a way to restore to hard drive from the server or from another machine, or does it have to be original host computer? Thanks

You are asked to which hard disk you want to restore the image to, when running the restore cd. Also what computer you want to restore.
Keep in mind, that Windows sometimes has problems when suddenly running on different hardware.

I tried it today. I get to the point where I choose the computer that I want to restore. So it goes on and prompts “testing available partitions”. It does this for a few minutes and then it stops working completely and asks me if I want to restart the restore process or stop the process. I suppose it just checks partitions for so long that it just times out?

May be the same issue as viewtopic.php?f=1&t=56 (extended partitions). Did you try the most recent restore cd? https://sourceforge.net/projects/urbackup/files/Restore/1.0%20WIP/

If not it would be nice, if you could send me the respective .mbr files (martin@urbackup.org).