Full image Backup

Hi everyone!, I’ve installed urbackup on my and I want to make only a full image backup (just in one file) but I cant make it. Is this possible? Everytime I try, the program only perfoms full file backups. Its copy my entire server, in files. Any help?. Thanks

in Settings>>Server you have the options to check or uncheck “Do not do image backups” and “Do not do file backups”.

Hi! Sure! Ive this opción marked, but urbackup did nothing during days… As soon I quit that opción starts to backup files again. I am doing something wrong maybe…


We need to know a little bit of more about what you are running, as [at least not by default] the Linux client doesn’t support image backups…

Hi!, I am runnig urbackup in docker in a raspberry pi 4 (Debian) and I want to make a full image backup of that machine. Is this possible?.

Thank you