Full image backup for UEFI system

What’s the proper configuration to do a complete image backup for a UEFI based system such that it could be restored to a completely blank drive? I’m asking because I recently attempted to “clone” a dual boot uefi system by doing an image backup with the “Volumes to backup” set to ALL_NONUSB and then restoring to the new system using a bootable Urbackup USB drive but it only restored the C: drive. Looking at the backup log it appears to have only backed up the C: drive/partition. :

|nfo|07/20/23 14:08|Starting unscheduled full image backup of volume “C:”…
|Info|07/20/23 14:28|Transferred 38.3919 GB - Average speed: 284.184 MBit/s|
|Info|07/20/23 14:28|Time taken for backing up client DESKTOP-PPR6DV7: 19m 26s|
|Info|07/20/23 14:28|Backup succeeded|