Full file backup works but doesn't backup + other questions


I installed UR backup on a windows 7 as backup server.
The connections seems ok.
Hereby some questions:

1)i changed the windows temporary location because UR backup is filling the c:\windows\temp with cpsxxx files.
is there another way ? changing the location where UR backup should place its temporary files ?

  1. The full fill backup is finished with no errors but no data is written ?? (stops and starts).
    The server shows “file backup status” ok.
    The image backup seems to work (now busy with one as a test).

  2. About excluding files, i find information about that in the FAQ but i don’t know where to enter those wildcards in the program, that’ s not clear.

Thanks, Verus.

I’ll add that as an option.

Did you add any paths which should be backed up? Per default there are none. You can specify default paths on the server side in the new version.

Sorry. That’s already for the next version. If you want to test it it’s there:

I’m currently testing it myself. After that I’ll release it.