Full File Backup Stuck at 96%

All other clients do file and image backups just fine. Though this client is running an exchange server and I am assuming that is the problem. In the log I’m getting this after reaching 96%:

08/30/16 16:34
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 108.164 MB at 2.536 KBit/s
08/30/16 16:35
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 108.289 MB at 2.608 KBit/s
08/30/16 16:36
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 108.414 MB at 2.496 KBit/s
08/30/16 16:37
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 108.539 MB at 2.64 KBit/s
08/30/16 16:38
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 108.664 MB at 2.56 KBit/s
08/30/16 16:39
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 108.789 MB at 2.536 KBit/s
08/30/16 16:40
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 108.922 MB at 2.576 KBit/s
08/30/16 16:41
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 109.047 MB at 2.656 KBit/s
08/30/16 16:43
Loading “urbackup/FILE_METADATA|QHBkthH5atEsg6vAHk0W|151”. Loaded 109.172 MB at 2.432 KBit/s

And this just goes on forever. Any help as I want this to finish its backup. Also it did the full image back just fine, just the file backup is having issues.

Could you create a memory dump of the client process (UrBackupClientBackend.exe) while it is in this stat and send that to bugreports@urbackup.org ?

E.g. here are instructions on how to create one: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/How_to_get_a_process_dump_with_Windows_Task_Manager

Thanks for the memory dump! It seems to be a performance issue introduced with client 2.0.31 (so it should eventually finish… CPU usage should be high…) . Will be fixed.

Actually, the process is only using about 1.5%, and the cpu is only about 12-15%.

Should I update the client?

Hmm, do you have a user account on this computer which is non-local where it would have to lookup the account over the network?

It is a domain controller with exchange loaded on it. Besides the original local admin account that was created when installing the server, all are domain accounts.