Full file backup showing "0 Bytes" in web console

I ran a full file backup this morning just for testing, and after it successfully finished it showed the backup at “0 Bytes” as seen above. Also, the red delete button is missing so I am unable to “gracefully” delete it. I’m assuming if I delete it physically on the drive it will still show in the web panel and be stuck there forever.

I navigated to the physical location of it on the drive and it is NOT 0 bytes, it’s 92GB which is what I expected.

Not really sure what happened here, couldn’t find anything in the manual either. No luck on google too.

I ran another full backup and on the web panel it’s saying it’s 9 bytes now. Again checking the physical backup location on my drive it’s showing 92GB as it should.

Is there some sort of desync?

Did anything change? Because for me the sizes tend to show the change set sizes, not the full size.

Regarding “delete”, the button is only available on older backups, not the latest one.

Sorry, what do you mean “change set sizes”? The data that was changed since the last full backup?

If so that makes since. I haven’t changed anything since the last full. I’m guessing it’s pulling from the “pool” file? I ran another one with the only change of adding a text file and it shows 9 bytes now which would be correct.

And thank you for the clarification on the delete button.

Yes, with “change set size” I meant the size of the files that actually changed between backups. The size shown basically is roughly the size that the backup added to your disk usage. (Roughly, because even linked/copied file require some meta data space that’s not taken account for.)

The incremental / non-incremental part in my experience just differentiate which files where analyzed on the client. Full backup basically analyzes all the files while incremental backups just analyzes files where the heuristics tells the client that it might have changed (different size or modification timestamp than at the last run).