Full file backup fails (directory already exists), while incremental backup succeeds

On a Windows Standard Server 2012 I get following fail message when doing a full file backup (the directory it wants to create obvisouly always changes):

UrBackup just did a full file backup of “RMI-Windows-Std-2012”.

( 11 infos, 0 warnings, 2 errors )

2017-01-17 03:11:11(info): Starting full file backup…
2017-01-17 03:22:21(info): Indexing of “” done. 66899 filesystem lookups 0 db lookups and 0 db updates
2017-01-17 03:22:21(info): RMI-Windows-Std-2012: Loading file list…
2017-01-17 03:22:22(info): RMI-Windows-Std-2012: Started loading files…
2017-01-17 03:22:22(error): Creating directory “/mnt/backup/RMI-Windows-Std-2012/170117-0311/” failed. File exists (errorcode=17)
2017-01-17 03:22:22(info): Waiting for file transfers…
2017-01-17 03:22:25(info): Waiting for file hashing and copying threads…
2017-01-17 03:22:26(info): Saving file metadata…
2017-01-17 03:22:26(info): Writing new file list…
2017-01-17 03:22:27(info): All metadata was present
2017-01-17 03:22:27(info): Transferred 19.5816 MB - Average speed: 144.09 MBit/s
2017-01-17 03:22:27(info): Time taken for backing up client RMI-Windows-Std-2012: 11m 16s
2017-01-17 03:22:27(error): Backup failed

I just looked back in history, and it seems I get that message each time a full file backup is done (every 2 weeks), while the incremental backups seem to work.
Urbackup server is version 2.0.38 and Client 2.0.36 (also didn’t work with 2.0.32)

You somehow managed to give the path to backup an empty name. If you can tell me how you did that, I could prevent something like this from happening in the future.

To be honest, I’ve got no idea how I managed that. I can imagine mainly following:

  • Right now, when I check the client, and check the setting which paths to backup, no paths are listed (Propably I didn’t set one, and used the default settings?). I remember that on the server I had the Setting “Default directories to backup:” set to “/; C:” but somewhen removed the “c:” because linux client backups failed because of it (Windows didn’t complain about “/”.) Maybe I did the first backups on the windows client, while c:\ was still in the default settings, then removed it, and now it somehow does something wrong about it? And maybe the incremental backups work, since they still refer to the full backup which worked proberly? I Don’t know enough about how urbackup works in the background, to really have an idea.

At the client I added “c:” to the paths to backup. and now the full file backup seems to work properly.