Full encrypted Bitlocker C drive images - are they compatible with UrBackup?

Could you please tell me if Urbackup works with a fully encrypted Bitlocker C drive? I have laptops at work, and want to make sure our DR for them is going to work if we have for example an SSD fail. An image restore is a lot quicker than having to do a laptop rebuild with lots of custom software…

Have done some tests off a fresh fully encrypted Bitlocker Windows 10 22H2 install, and the VHD image is stored unencrypted even though the C drive is encrypted.

Will this stay the same once lots of data has been through the C drive?

Thank you for confirming all this!

Matt Grant

PS not looking for encrypted backups and GDPR compliance. Having unencrypted backups is better for my recovery plans!

The Urbackup client, like any other program, sees the unencrypted data. This doesn’t change when the drive gets fuller.