Full backup backing up exclusions on Debian

Debian client and Debian server (separate machines) with the following exclusions: /media/;/mnt/;/tmp/;/dev/;/run/;/sys/;/proc/*

The issue is that files under /media/ are being backed up.
/usr/local/var/urbackup/data/settings.cfg reflects the settings from the server correctly.

You probably have already, but try restarting the service (or entire client) to ensure the settings are loaded.

Possibly, since I now wonder if I did reboot before. It’s starting the backups, so don’t know if it’ll do it again yet. But it does concern me that urbackup says “7.37 GB / 5.77 TB”, but this is sda1:
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 390G 231G 140G 63% /

It still backs up /media/ content after rebooting.
If it helps, it’s /dev/sdb1 on /media/Storage type ext4 (rw,relatime)
I don’t know if other exclusions would eventually get backed up as well since /media/Storage/ is way too large for the backup drive

The Administration manual suggests using the trailing wildcard, like this:

If you want to exclude a directory e.g. Temp you can do it like this:
You can also give the full local name

In your original post it appears you entered /media/;/tmp/ instead of /media/*;/tmp/*. Please try it the suggested way and let us know the result.

Hmm yes! Or /media;/tmp.

I redid the configs with the following exclusions list:

Too many edits: ignore previous deleted edits since I’m an idiot who can’t read.
One server has finished backing up and seems to have been correct.
The server with the initial issue is redoing its full file backup and I’ll have to wait and see if the files are backed up

It’s still backup up /media (Storage is sdb1 mounted in media)
12/19/20 12:17 DEBUG Loading “Storage/Downloads/Flashpoint 9.0 Ultimate.7z”. 65% finished 315.016 GB/478.247 GB at 70.6694 MBit/s

Updates to config won’t take effect till any ongoing backup is finished & the next one is triggered (65% makes me suspicious) Just an observation, once it has restarting the service ought to ensure any config changes are loaded for certain, I’m just concerned you might be wanting “instant results” when the expectation might be unrealistic.

@uroni is good, but only a single human & not capable of miracles, although he’s produced darned good software here.

How do you get around that then? As in is there a config somewhere I can remove to make it not backup those files? The problem is that if it backs up those folders, it won’t fit on the backup drive.

Frankly, I don’t know for an ongoing backup, I know of no way to get rid of a partial backup, short of waiting for it to complete misconfigured or not… remove_unknown sometimes outputs that it’s removing an incomplete backup, but that hasn’t stopped backups for a client being “resumed” regardless as soon as the service restarts in normal mode in my experience.

Waiting to see what config changes do on the next backup is the only thing I’ve found that actually “takes hold”.

All my clients are Windows, so sorting out issues with Linux clients are probably beyond my limited Linix skills, but for what it’s worth, those are my observations with regards to how UrBackup behaves with regards to config changes generally… sometime I must add some of my Linux VMs as clients just to observe the outcome.

OK, for those who run into this issue, this may not be the best way, but it’s how I fixed it.
Remove client in the submenu for the client on the Status screen of the web interface.
In the console, run “sudo urbackupsrv cleanup -a 0%” to force purge the files.
Re-add the client from the web interface and reinstall client using link provided during add

I still have the following errors, but it’s a start:
Level Time Message
Errors 12/21/20 16:53 Creating snapshot of “/” failed
Errors 12/21/20 16:53 Snapshotting device /dev/sda1 via dattobd…
Errors 12/21/20 16:53 Using /dev/datto0…
Errors 12/21/20 16:53 /usr/local/share/urbackup/dattobd_create_filesystem_snapshot: 59: /usr/local/share/urbackup/dattobd_create_filesystem_snapshot: dbdctl: not found
Errors 12/21/20 16:53 Creating snapshot of “root” failed.

Edit: “sudo apt install dattobd-utils” fixed the errors issue