Frustrated: Using rsync to duplicate drive with urBackup's on it - how to?


My frustrating situation right now: Running a urBackup docker on unRaid. Everything is working perfectly. Now I need to shift all data on drive 1 to drive 2, because drive 1 shall be replaced by drive 2 simply because of more space needed in general for the array.

Alright, no problem I thought. Using unRaid’s guide recommending cloning all data with rsync (-> “faster methode”: Replacing Multiple Data Drives with a Single Larger Drive - Unraid | Docs )

with the command: rsync -avX /mnt/disk1/ /mnt/disk2

would do the job. But right now I am sitting here after 30 hours, the destination drive having 3 times the data of the source drive and thinking something cant be right, as the cloning is still under it’s way.

Now I thought about incremental backups and from what I understood, somehow “hard-links” are being used in those incremental backups which should be the main problem in my situation, right?

MY question: Is there any way to make this work properly? Some options in rsync in order to properly sync those 2 drives so that I can replace the older one, put in the new “rsynce’d” one and move on as nothing happend?

Have you tried using the native functionality?
UrBackup - Server administration manual - 10.8 Migrate non-btrfs backup storage

Failing that your next best bet is to side-step the filesystem hard link issues by doing some sort of bitwise clone (dd or similar) & then expand the filesystem on the new storage.

To preserve hard links with rsync you need to add the -H flag:

-H, --hard-links
This tells rsync to look for hard-linked files in the transfer and link together the corresponding files on the receiving side. Without this option, hard-linked files in the transfer are treated as though they were separate files.

After copying you should run remove_unknown to correct the symbolic links (and you shouldn’t run backups during copying).