Fritz!Box as UrBackup Server

Has someone installed UrBackup Server on a Fritz!Box?
Is it working to backup data to an USB drive attached to the Box?

i didnt really try this.

But the last time i tried USB on the FritzBox, the Bandwidth somewhat went from 2-12MB/s max (via FTP).
This isnt even close to practical use. i dont know if this improved as my Fritz is about 4 Years old now, but… no.
The CPU is pretty small aswell so you could forget about hashing and compression.

It would be a fun Project but i doubt it would be useful in production that way.

But keep me up with progress, its an interesting idea! :slight_smile:

A quick google showed me you can create e.g. Debian chroot environments on the box. Once you have that it should be easy to install and run UrBackup in turn. That would be the way I would go about this.

I will try. But before I have to change my ISP
to get rid of the Technicolor and replace it by a Fritz!Box :sunny: :thumbsup: