Freenas BSD repo only installing 2.3.7


How long does it usually take to get the updates to all the different install locations?

I see the server reporting new version available but 2.3.7 is all that installs with

pkg update
pkg install urbackup-server

is 2.3.7


Hi, I don’t know much about FreeNAS, but I’m running UrBackup on FreeBSD servers - any chance they are using the same repo? If so then it is probably that problem with latest vs quaterly branch.


have a look into iocage jail ports.
There you can find 2.3.8 now


sorry i forgot to mention … sometimes it helps changing pkg quarterly branch to latest with

nano /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf

and changing the line

url: “pkg+${ABI}/quarterly”


url: “pkg+${ABI}/latest”


pkg update

i would do this only in jails and not in the freenas system

but as far as i know the latest urbackup-server version is found in ports