Freebsd Client error (core dumped)

hi 2 all.
I see that we have a problem with client working on Freebsd (13.1 RELEASE amd64)

I try to install client from ports and manualy with the same results.
If we are runed client without any settings all working fine, but my own uRbackup server is placed on another subnet.
So, i was add configuration by the commands

urbackupclientctl wait-for-backend
urbackupclientctl set-settings --server-url “urbackup://” --name “FS” --authkey “qwertyuiop”

And after i was change /usr/local/etc/urbacup/urbackupclient.conf
and change INTERNET_ONLY from false to true i’ve got error when try to run the service.
In logs i see tha all is good, but in system log i see the message like
If i try run it by hand i see this in debug mess

If change INTERNET_ONLY back to false - the service isnt dumped, but doesnt see the uRserver.

I’ve been seeing this exact same issue for a very long time now. There’s also a bug filed with FreeBSD’s Bugzilla but there appears to be no one that knows what’s going on. Very unfortunate.

Were you able to figure anything out moving forward regarding the core dump? I’d love to have my backups working again.