Freebsd Client Configuration

HI2 all
I try to use urbackup for different configurations and all look fine.
But i was stuck when start work with my own real task.In my configuration i have the next points:
The server (Debian Linux) on the network
The Client (FreeBDS) on the network
The networcs connected by wireguard, all firewall rules is accepted - all looking normaly, but client and server dont see each one. So, i try to configure client to use Internet connection mode by FreeBSD side.
But client configuration file is cleaned. So, i dont know how to add server name, security key e.t.c. (i dont have a tray icon - freebsd without X system)

So, my question: where is configuration files places on freebsd and where i can find all parameters list?
(Installation script from server web interface dont working on freebsd)

Have a look at urbackupclientctl set-settings [--authkey|--server-url] :wink:

also see /etc/default/urbackupclient, remember to restart the client afterwards and check status with urbackupclientctl status or the log (you could enable debug logging in /etc/default/urbackupclient ?)
I find often the server didnt recognize a client after a client reinstall and i had to tell it which authkey to use (makes sense, the uninstaller performs a purge). So try that first, then try the active connection.
I am sure you already confirmed telnetting from the client to the server on the port it needs to connect to works?

Yeah. I find that and make configure for my servers.
Command line generate config and in debug log I see that all is ok.
Connection succevfull and so on.
But on freebsd I have a kernel dump error message without explain the problem
So I must found another system.
(freebsd the last 12 with all security updates)