Former Linux client always offline

I have Ubuntu 20.04 as my main OS with a KVM virtual machine running Windows 10 21H1.

I tried running urbackup server on Ubuntu and was able to get it to do backups on the Windows VM more or less. But I couldn’t ever get it to back up itself with the linux client, with various errors which I couldn’t get resolved.

So I shut down the Ubuntu server component and installed the Windows urbackup server on the Windows virtual machine. It is backing up itself without issues. The Ubuntu host client is still installed from the previous setup, but I couldn’t find any instructions how to uninstall the linux urbackup client. I don’t see any “server_idents.txt” file in Ubuntu and the server in Windows is reporting “This server has discovered clients which are currently not configured to use this server.” I assume it is seeing the old Ubuntu client installation, but I don’t know.

If I use the web interface to add the linux client via Hostname/IP using either the KVM virtual network virbr0 for which Ubuntu has the address or by the actual Ubuntu wireless address wlp3s0 of, they both say the Online status is “No”, although ‘ping’ from Windows works to either of these addresses. The virtual Windows machine has IP with Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Does anybody have suggestions on how I can get the backups for the Ubuntu host working? (I’m excluding the VM’s virtual drive from the Linux backup.) I assume if there is a way to completely uninstall the old Linux client and re-install it that might get it working. But I’m open to any suggestion. The Linux client is using config file /etc/default/urbackupclient which is (sorry, don’t know how to show it nicely):

Defaults for urbackup_client initscript

sourced by /etc/init.d/urbackupclientbackend

installed at /etc/default/urbackupclient by the maintainer scripts

This is parsed as a key=value file

#logfile name

#Either debug,warn,info or error

#Max size of the log file before rotation
#Disable if you are using logrotate for
#more advanced configurations (e.g. with compression)

#Max number of log files during rotation

#Tmp file directory

Valid settings:

“client-confirms”: If you have the GUI component the currently active user

will need to confirm restores from the web interface.

If you have no GUI component this will cause restores

from the server web interface to not work

“server-confirms”: The server will ask the user starting the restore on

the web interface for confirmation

“disabled”: Restores via web interface are disabled.

Restores via urbackupclientctl still work


#If true client will not bind to any external network ports (either true or false)


I found from another posting there is a /usr/local/sbin/uninstall_urbackupclient script and ran it to uninstall my old client. I sure didn’t see mention of that anywhere that I could find. All the urbackup documentation and hits on the Internet only mention installation, not uninstallation.

So after re-installing the client and it was recognized by the server in Windows, I made some settings and ran urbackupclientctl start -f to start a backup. It hung up at 2%, so I will let it run overnight to see if it finishes.


It never finished the linux backup. Killed it, rebooted Windows with the server version 2.4.14 and the host linux with client version 2.4.11. The Status page just keeps reporting “No paths to backup configured” despite defining the directories to backup as /home. Here is a summary of the settings.

Windows 10 urbackup server v2.4.14 settings:
Backup storage path: D:\urbackup (BTRFS formatted partition on USB drive using the btrfs driver for Windows)

Client: v2.4.11.0
Delay after system startup: 30 min
Backup window: 1-7/20-24
Computer name: XXXX-XX
Backup speed for local network: 30%

Linux client v2.4.11 File Backups settings:

Separate settings for this client: checked
Interval for incremental file backups: 24 hours
Interval for full file backups: 15 days
Maximal number of incremental file backups: 30
Minimal number of invremental file backups: 10
Maximal number of full file backups: 5
Minimal number of full file backups: 2
Excluded files: /dev;/run;/sys;/proc;/mnt/BACKUPS;/media;*.qcow2
Included files: (empty field)
Default directories to backup: /home
Directories to backup are optional by default: (not checked)

urbackupclientctl list-backupdirs returns:

/home home symlinks_optional,one_filesystem,share_hashes

If anyone cares to make suggestions how this could get fixed, I would appreciate it. URbackup looks like a good solution if only I can get it to work for backing up Ubuntu.