Formatted backup destination

My destination directory is on a drobo. I experienced some power outages and the drive was going very slow for all file access. I was going to do a chkdsk and after 10 days it had only completes 60%. So I formatted the drobo. Now my file access speed is much better. It is in the process of performing backups now but do I need to do anything to tell the server that the old backup data is no longer present or will the server figure it out.


You’ll need to run the remove_unknown batch/script.

You don’t mention which drobo, they’re known to slow quite dramatically as they fill in some circumstances, also because of the thin-provisioning & the way UrBackup is designed to manage space I’d strongly recommend enabling the drobo “Backup Volume” feature in drobo dashboard & using that as UrBackup’s storage, rather than the main volume.

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Thanks for the help. I have a drobo S. I don’t think that setting is an option.