Force to remove client immediately


Is there a way to force UrBackup server to immediately remove client? I am experimenting with UrBackup so I often need to remove the client completely and start again. I have tried to set clean-up time window to 1-7/0-24 but the clients do not get removed anyway. Now it’s already 30 hours and the clients I wanted removed are still there.

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Manually running the cleanup should remove it:

###11.3 Cleanup for servers with file backups with lots of files

UrBackup’s database is in a mode which enables high concurrency. Since the cleanup procedure can sometimes be bottlenecked by the database it may be advisable to switch the database into a mode which allows less concurrency but is fast for some operations for the cleanup procedure. This is not possible while UrBackup is running, so you should tweak the backup window such that you can be sure there are no backups running at some point. Then you can stop the server run the cleanup separately by calling
urbackupsrv cleanup --amount x

on GNU/Linux or on Windows:
cleanup.bat x

Where x is the percent of space to free on the backup storage or the number of Bytes/ Megabytes/ Gigabytes e.g. “20G” or “10%”. If it should only delete old backups use “0%”.

How to delete backup manually without any error?

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Because this is a high positioned Google result - I’ll put the idiot’s guide here:

/etc/init.d/urbackupsrv stop
urbackupsrv cleanup -a 0%
/etc/init.d/urbackupsrv start

Will run the cleanup process with a target of cleaning up 0% of backups… So effectively only the removed clients get processed.


Just curious if you have any idea if there’s a big difference between:

urbackupsrv cleanup -a 0%


urbackupsrv remove-unknown

I occasionally use the second command to do exactly what the original poster asked: to remove backups for clients that no longer exist. Is the “cleanup” version faster or better?

Thanks for any tips.


Well, the obvious answer would be to read the two scripts and note the differences for yourself.

If I remember correctly (which I may not), cleanup is a subset of what remove-unknown does.


I imagine you are correct, but it’s not a small matter of just opening up some scripts in vi and having a look. urbackupsrv is an executable, not a perl or bash script. I suppose I could check the source, but was interested if there was any real world experience with these commands.


Here is an explanation: 11.4 Cleaning the storage folder of files not known by UrBackup

Remove unknown is a bit dangerous. For example if for some reason your backup storage folder is currently empty it’ll remove all backups from the database.


Excellent, thanks for the info!