Hi, i have reinstalled yesterday the UrBackup Appliance and not enabled the MFA ( i am not done with the config now ) and get today this when i try to login :

Can anyone tell me if the appliance is hacked now ??

ReferenceError: params is not defined
at force_login_hack (
at after_startup (
at Object. (
at fire (
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (
at done (
at XMLHttpRequest. (

No, I just named this functionality unfortunately (it is renamed now).

Which version are you using?

It is supposed to allow a method to force going to the login screen in case there is some error (and unfortunately doing the opposite).

A work-around would be appending something to the URL

Thanks for the fast answer, was a little worry and have shutdown the system and just start to analyse it.
So i can power up the system and see whats happend !