Force incremental backup for already seeded remote client

My seeding of backup process for remote clients.

  1. Copy data off each remote PC to an external drive.
  2. Copy all the data to a folder on a client hosted locally to the server
  3. Run full backup of the locally connected client
  4. Create new client on the server and specify the directories that need to backed up and disable Imaging and Full File Backup and also enable Client Side Hashing
  5. Install client on the software by downloading for the specific client from the server
  6. Wait for client to connect
  7. On the WebGUI for server click the client and start “Incremental file backup”
  8. See the following on the log for client

12/19/16 14:06 INFO Starting full file backup…
12/19/16 14:06 DEBUG Makhoba - Deirdre: Connecting for filelist…
12/19/16 14:06 DEBUG Makhoba - Deirdre: Waiting for filelist

I have waited for a day and nothing happens. I want it to start an incremental backup and compare hashes so that a minimal amount of data is transfered. Very slow internet in my country and it would take months to backup the 450gb on this client.

I have disabled Full file backup on server settings as well as the client. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for taking the time to read my thread.

Even if you disable full file backups, it will still run a single full file backup to start. But, it will not transfer all of the data. It generates the hashes, compares them with the backup server and only transfers the files that have changed. So, it is effectively very similar to an incremental.

Exactly as you said. Thank you for your reply and apologies for my late reply.