Force a new (not resumed) backup

I have had a backup fail and want to restart it.

The underlying disk shadow on the client which was created on the first backup no longer exists (as I deleted it).

When I instruct the server to start an incremental backup it comes up as “Resumed Incremental File Backup”.

I don’t want it to be picking up from where it was, I want a brand new backup.

If it is doing a brand new one, which it’d almost have to be as resuming makes no sense when the shadow isn’t there to resume from, I’d like it to not show that it’s resumed.

Anyone know what I can do to ensure that the new backup is actually new and it shows as such?

This still seems to be an issue. The system keeps trying to resume a backup which is not going to work. I need it to start a new backup with the settings which I have now changed but it keeps trying to resume and keeps failing in the same way.

Please can we have an option to force an entirely new backup to start?

Last time I ran (still running) remove_unknown.bat I noticed it deleted some partial backups, maybe that would do the trick?
It’s not documented, I just observed it happen.