Folders that are NOT included still appear in backup (and cause issues)

I’m doing file backups on windows clients and I want to have Documents and Desktop folder backed up for all users on all clients. My setup looks like this:

Excluded files (with wildcards): *.ost;Users\Public
Included files (with wildcards): Users:\Documents*;Users:\Desktop*
Default directories to backup: C:\Users

It kinda works, only content of Documents and Desktops is backed up, but folders are created for all folders within a C:\Users%username% and apparently shadow copy or something is created as well, since we are getting OneDrive directory warnings as described in this topic:

  • I don’t care about the OneDrive folder, so it’s a real bummer to be getting warnings because of it :confused:

Could someone suggest a solution? Maybe rewrite the expressions from a different point a view somehow?

I have exactly the same issue and have spent hours trying to find a solution with no luck.

Best of luck trying to fix it…
The exclusion system is the worst interface I’ve found in any software… no exceptions…
And I ALSO have the problem that excluded items still get included.

I feel like there is no way to make this work at this point; it seems to have some relation to the internal workings of VSS / its implementation in urBackup.

Would be nice to hear from uroni, at least in the sense that it’s known bug / feature and will/not be fixed.

Just add C:\Users\:\OneDrive to the excludes.

Very helpfull. If you have an actual issue, please report it with log files etc. Or help improve the UI.

@uroni Thanks a lot, this did help with the One Drive issue
Sadly, it’s not an ultimate solution, since with my computer there’s also
and I can imagine it could happen with other files/folders as well, but it’s really an edge case, so not a real issue.

I’m loving the urBackup otherwise, though, thanks for your work!

This exclusion didn’t work for me. I’m still getting errors on my Windows 10 clients related to OneDrive. Like the OP on this thread, I’m fine to just exclude OneDrive files since they’re already version-managed and backed up on the cloud, but unlike the OP, the exclusion provided here hasn’t worked.

This exclusion provided by @uroni seems to include some undocumented syntax. What does the colon do? I looked in the help file and I couldn’t see any documentation of that character.

I’ve tried a few other suggestions I’ve found in the documentation and other forum posts including *\OneDrive\* and C:\Users*\OneDrive, but those OneDrive files are still throwing errors. The errors may not be a big deal, except in my case there are nearly 10,000 errors for each Windows client every time the file backup runs, and while I’m assuming most are associated with OneDrive, if those errors no longer appear it would allow me to more easily see if there are any OTHER errors occurring.