Folders that are NOT included still appear in backup (and cause issues)

I’m doing file backups on windows clients and I want to have Documents and Desktop folder backed up for all users on all clients. My setup looks like this:

Excluded files (with wildcards): *.ost;Users\Public
Included files (with wildcards): Users:\Documents*;Users:\Desktop*
Default directories to backup: C:\Users

It kinda works, only content of Documents and Desktops is backed up, but folders are created for all folders within a C:\Users%username% and apparently shadow copy or something is created as well, since we are getting OneDrive directory warnings as described in this topic:

  • I don’t care about the OneDrive folder, so it’s a real bummer to be getting warnings because of it :confused:

Could someone suggest a solution? Maybe rewrite the expressions from a different point a view somehow?

I have exactly the same issue and have spent hours trying to find a solution with no luck.

Best of luck trying to fix it…
The exclusion system is the worst interface I’ve found in any software… no exceptions…
And I ALSO have the problem that excluded items still get included.

I feel like there is no way to make this work at this point; it seems to have some relation to the internal workings of VSS / its implementation in urBackup.

Would be nice to hear from uroni, at least in the sense that it’s known bug / feature and will/not be fixed.

Just add C:\Users\:\OneDrive to the excludes.

Very helpfull. If you have an actual issue, please report it with log files etc. Or help improve the UI.

@uroni Thanks a lot, this did help with the One Drive issue
Sadly, it’s not an ultimate solution, since with my computer there’s also
and I can imagine it could happen with other files/folders as well, but it’s really an edge case, so not a real issue.

I’m loving the urBackup otherwise, though, thanks for your work!