Folder Missing from Restore Option when viewed from client

Hi Folks,

First post, loving the software!

I’ve managed to get everything up and running, Mac/Windows/Linux clients with a Debain based server.

Today I noticed an oddity with a Mac backup. If I logon to the server with an admin account, browse the backups for this client all 4 defined locations ‘Documents / Pictures / Music / ExtSSD’ appear and I can happily restore files.

However on the client if I choose the ‘Access/Restore’ backups option the onetime restore web page is opened however this time the ‘ExtSSD’ location is missing! Using the resultant web page I can successfully restore files so the page is linking to the correct client.

Checking the Servers file system the ExtSSD folder shares exactly the same permissions as the the other folders.

The ‘ExtSSD’ location is the LAST listed in the ‘Add/Remove backup paths’ dialog if this is of any relevance.

Any pointers much appreciated.

EDIT: I added a 5th location, being the Desktop, to test if being the last added has any relevance. It doesn’t ‘Desktop appears’ but ‘ExtSSD’ is still missing. The full paths for each location are:

/Volumes/ExtSSD ← Not visible from client, appears when logged directly into server as an Admin