Five clients, four archived as configured, one did not

I have five clients. They all have identical individual archive settings. They archive every day for a week, every week for a month, every month for a year, and every year for three years.

On the day for the latest weekly archiving, four did the archive, but one did not (it did a daily archive but not the expected weekly archive).

I assume that setting the archive bit is done on the server, by the server. So it makes no sense to me why the archiving was done for four clients but not the fifth client. The server was obviously up and running for the archive window, because 4/5 of the archives were completed as expected.

Here are the archive settings that are used by each client (these are specified for each client individually, but they are specified identically):

FWIW, the fifth client that did not do the weekly archive this week had successfully done the weekly archive last week. There were no changes in its configuration between weekly archive days. Additionally, the server is Linux (Docker), the fifth client is Linux, while the other four clients are Windows (a mix of Windows 10 and Windows 11). Not that OS should make any difference.