First Time Setup of URBACKUP Server

Need assistance in setting up server for the first time. Ive got it installed and pointed at a remote site that i intend to backup to. The issue im running in to is that i have Placed the UNC path for the destination yet i still am receiving this error.

I do not know where i can modify what account URBackup is attempting to use to connect to this CIFS share.

Any help would be appreciated.

CIFS share? How did you specify the path? Did you mount it beforehand?

yes, it is a CIFS share, it is mapped via drive letter, but within the URBACKUP window, it is mapped via\server\share. Yes it was mapped pre installation

UrBackup will probably use it’s own account so either assign the share to it or make it anonymous.

What do you mean by assign the share to it? What account is it looking to use?

On Linux it’s “urbackup”, if it’s a Linux box can you “su urbackup” to login as that user and check whether you can access the share?