First Steps with UrBackup

Hi all,

I am quite new to UrBackup, installed it recently in my research for a “better” backup solution. My current environment (home) consists of several clients and sub systems based on Windows, Linux and Mac. My current “backup solution” only targets my small server sub systems and does not include any of the existing clients. Also it is based on scripts using rsync, which does not give me a good feeling, although till now it was working quite ok. What I was searching for was a solution that:

  1. is reliable
  2. has a web UI to watch over all backups and control them
  3. is able to handle all (most of) the operating systems I am using

Some information about the “machinary”:

3 Windows clients (Windows 10)
1 MacOS client
3 Raspberry PI 4 (Raspbian/Debian Buster)
1 Raspberry PI 3 (Raspbian/Debian Buster)
1 Raspbery PI Zero (Raspbian/Debian Buster)
1 x64 OpenWRT Router (Linux based)

So far I have configued UrBackup on my Synology NAS (via Docker) and created backups for all mentioned devices except MacOS and OpenWRT. During the process of creating the backups and using UrBackup some questions arised:

  1. when do you think UrBackup 2.5.x will be available in a stable version? I am asking because of the MacOS support, which seems to be not available in 2.4.x
  2. has anybody every tried/succeeded in using urbackup client daemon on OpenWRT instances? Would be great to have this device also being backed up via UrBackup (nice to have)
  3. my Raspberries are using NFS Root (root system on NFS share). I currently set up urbackup wihout image backup support as I was not sure if using LVM makes sense if the root filesystem resides on a NFS share. Obviously it would be great if this would work, as then all the partitions (including boot partition) would be backed up automatically, but it is not a must have as the current approach with incremental file system backups will also work for me.
  4. I have read that UrBackup Windows client supports restoring of files via context menu. I have not been able to activate this on my clients. What are the steps to follow here?
  5. I have one Linux client where I need to add some file level exclusions. By activating the checkbox “Separate settings for this client” it seems, that all of them are now “overwritten” and will not fall back to the general settings. Is there a possibility to only overwrite 1 specific option?
  6. I am currently using this docker container: uroni/urbackup-server - Docker Hub. If considering to use the beta version 2.5, what is the easiest way to switch?

I think that is all for now. Looking forward to get some answers and to stick with UrBackup! Thanks and keep up the good work!


Hi all,

I have been able to solve point 4. Here it is necessary to add “Server URL” setting on UrBackup server. If using “https” make sure that the certificate that is returned by the proxy is a trusted one on the clients, otherwise you will get an error message and the target url will not be opened.

Would be nice to get some feedback on the other points…