First seeding

in the past few days I tested Urbackup, and I found it really interesting, but I was wondering if it there is a way to make a “first seeding” via LAN or on USB drive and then transfer that backup to use it via internet.
Thanks for your work.


It is designed to allow clients moving from LAN to Internet and back. So definitely possible with LAN. If you correctly enter the internet server details on the web interface UrBackup exchanges the settings (and the shared key) with the client over LAN as well. See for details

I have a central office and many little delegations with a single computer.
How can I make a first full copy to the central UrBackup server without carrying the client box to the central?
With an external usb drive or portable NAS or something.

You could configure a client with the same name and the same shares as the future Internet client. Only then will it pick up the files.

In v1.3 (see sticky thread) you can enable client side checksum calculation, then it would not matter which client on which shares has the files.

Ok, will try with the same name trick.
Thanks !

Would “client side checksum calculation” overload the client? I have some old XP box that can become very slow.

It’ll read the new files twice. That could be a problem.