Firewall issues with Ubuntu Urbackup server [SOLVED]

I have set up my Urbackup server (2.1.19) on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS. I have issues backing up over the internet, but I will post that in a separate topic. This post is purely regarding backing up over LAN.

I typically use UFW on my Ubuntu servers to allow only the incoming ports required, nothing more. You can see from the attached screenshot, I should have all the relevant incoming ports for my Urbackup server to function, but when UFW is enabled clients cannot connect to the Urbackup server at all. With UFW disabled, file and image backups (on LAN) run smoothly.

Ok, so I got this working. It turns out I also had to add a rule for outgoing connections from Urbackup into UFW, which is VERY ODD seeing as UFW is setup to allow all outgoing…

Everything other process running on my server makes outgoing connections without an explicit rule in the firewall, but Urbackup obviously has some slightly peculiar security idiosyncrasies when it comes to firewall handling.

So, just to confirm for anyone else facing issues whilst using a firewall. Make sure you have an explicit rule to allow OUTGOING connections on 35623/udp.


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This would be the command:

sudo ufw allow out 35623

Many thanks for this advice - the only place i have seen it.

I was using Ubuntu 18.04 as the server and could not get it working without your advice.

Is this missing in the manual or am i just being stupid in not being able to find it!!!